By Linda Marie Anderson


Fourteen-year-old Hannee likes to skateboard and hang out with her friends. She especially likes to laugh. But she’s not laughing now. After her father’s leg is amputated and he dies, Hannee has to disconnect from everything to stay sane. Problem is, she may have disconnected too much. She sometimes finds herself spending time on a ship of pirates where her father is alive and getting around in a hover chair. She’s not sure whether she’s crazy, or in some alternate universe. Either way, she ends up protecting a lost Egyptian treasure from a cruel, fashionable villainess named Morgana. Hannee’s only real connection to her school world is her best friend Allie, who helps her deal with her grief and anger through a blog. But even he is showing troublesome signs of wanting to be more than friends. Hannee’s escapes into the pirate world are becoming more vivid and important to her. Her other option, her “real” world, involves grief and high school, neither of which appeal to her at the moment. But when Morgana kidnaps Hannee and the Egyptian treasure is at risk, Hannee is forced to make some difficult choices. As Hannee alternates between realities, her experiences on the pirate ship Solace help her to work through the grief of her everyday life.