I’m a writer and milliner and member of SCBWI, living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I’ve written academic articles for psychology journals and music reviews for magazines, but now I’m starting to write fiction for the first time since I was 8, when my story about a magical lemon tree was almost a smash hit. (Okay, it was short-listed for publication at a children’s magazine).

Now I understand why my mom, writer Peggy King Anderson used to put her car keys in the refrigerator and the ice cream in the oven. I too am discovering the wonder of being lost in a story while my body walks through everyday life.

While getting a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology I learned about people, and during my years as a milliner I discovered the joy of making hats for brides and opera singers. Now, my fantastical creations are made of words rather than straw and feathers; my study of people is on the written page.

I’ve completed my first Young Adult novel “Amazing and Apocryphal Adventures of an Awesome Amputee” and am starting work on the next one.